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Helicopter aerial flights

Secure, efficient and precision flights with SENNAIR Helicopter

Topographical conditions often make the transport of key relief aid and working materials difficult. Think of mountain huts that are only accessible on foot, natural disasters or freight transport for forestry and hunting reserves. Even the most remote areas can be reached by helicopter and important prevention measures taken.

Where cranes used to be set up in hard-to-reach places, helicopters are now used. Thus ensuring fast preparation and follow-up work, and efficient implementation of your plans. So today the helicopter is one of the most cost-efficient transport methods. We offer you bespoke flight options, from transporting people and materials (up to 1400kg), to avalanche blasting, heli-logging (wood load flights), catastrophe operations, fire-fighting and inspection flights, through to filming flights.

With SENNAIR Helicopter you benefit from our all-round service. We provide support from the initial concept, to the planning, coordination and implementation of your plans. And thanks to our many years of experience in various areas of work, our professional team carry out your assignment securely and efficiently. Master your plans with ease and place your trust in the SENNAIR Helicopter’s Airbus fleet.

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The advantages of sennair helicopter

Fly with Sennair

High-performance Airbus SENNAIR helicopters are true multi-talents. The H125 (B3/ B3e; previously known as AS350) stands out with its unrivalled manoeuvrability and performance at high altitude. Their reliability has been proven for passenger flights, as well as freight transport, catastrophe operations and search and rescue operations. And the results speak for themselves - in 2005 it was the first helicopter to land on Mount Everest at a breath-taking elevation of 8848m. A mere 5 years later, the same type of helicopter completed the highest ever successful rescue in Nepal at around 7000m. The H125 combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest performance.

Flight map
1 + 5-6
Pilot + passengers
10.93 m
3.34 m
1.200 kg
Max. freight transport weight
952 PS
7.010 hm
Max. flight elevation
transport flug sennair

Transport & Heli-Logging

From external cargo flights, express deliveries, transporting equipment and people – from set-up work to delivering cement - SENNAIR Helicopter offers bespoke transport flights. With versatile Airbus helicopters you get to the most remote places and securely fly cargo to its destination. Even lumber (heli-logging) and standing tree removals are possible in challenging terrain via helicopter. This means trees can be flown out quickly and efficiently, without harming the natural surrounding area. Thanks to the versatility of our SENNAIR fleet and our professional team, we provide support in your project implementation.
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film flug sennair helicopter


Film flights capture magical moments for documentary, advertising, image and music videos. Skilfully emphasise the main features, increase awareness and lift your film project to a new level. With the perfectly tailored interplay of experienced pilots and state-of-the-art film and photographic equipment, we are in a position to deliver high-resolution and razor-sharp image material. Prestigious companies including Constantin Film, Pro7, Red Bull, Huawei, Amazon, Servus TV, ORF, Porsche Design and Jochen Schweizer are already among our clients.
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katastrophen flug sennair

Catastrophe operations/ Avalanche blasting

Natural disasters present people with special challenges. With a helicopter we are in a position to provide fast assistance and take preventative measures. For instance we carry out avalanche blasting in Alpine terrain to elicit controlled avalanches. Extinguish forest fires from the air, provide aid supplies and carry out evacuations. Our pilots work hand in hand with helpers on site to ensure speedy and reliable aid, even in hard to reach areas. In case of emergency you can rely on our team.
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erkundung flug sennair

Exploratory flight

By helicopter you can investigate your project quickly and efficiently from the air. From railway tracks to complex energy networks to pipelines, we provide you with the optimum all-round view. Monitor the efficacy of your plans from a bird’s eye view. Hover above extensive building sites with your specialist staff and see the progress. Our Airbus helicopters are perfectly equipped and provide first-class views, while providing space for specialists and equipment. Come on board and explore your project with SENNAIR Helicopter.
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Work flight portfolio

Your powerful partner

Sennair inclusive service

Did you know that SENNAIR Helicopter pilots bring with them a few hidden skills away from the cockpit too? Not only do they impeccably master helicopter flights, they also cut fine figures as farmers, carpenters, mechanics, painters, innkeepers, camera men and winter athletes. So be assured that we bring with us extensive knowledge in construction, in high Alpine terrain and behind the camera lens. From idea, to planning, to implementation, we are your powerful project partner. You can depend on us to be actively by your side with our expertise.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Description of your project & clarification of feasibility
  2. Evaluation, setting a date, creating an itinerary
  3. Transferring an offer with cost estimate
  4. Possibly gathering of requisite specific approvals (National Park, construction site, etc.)
  5. Inspection of the construction site by a flight assistant, pilot
  6. Preparation of the work area on the day of the flight: safeguarding, work material (Big Bags, slips, cables), allocation of flight assistants at various stations, coordination of ground staff
  7. Implementation of the work flight
  8. Post-processing of the work areas: signing delivery dockets, dismantling safety measures, withdrawing ground staff

Short-notice projects that do not require any specific special authorisation can be coordinated and carried out at the next available date. For projects that require special approval, deadlines need to be adhered to.

Authorisation is required to implement utility flights by helicopter. This authorisation is sought by the flight company from the relevant department in the respective state. We also recommend that you get information from the authorities to see if further authorisations are required for your plans.

In our Airbus Helicopter H125 and using the latest technologies, up to 1200kg of external cargo can be transported. The weight information is regarded as a maximum weight, which may vary depending on the weather conditions, terrain and set-up of the working environment. In planning your utility flight, our pilots and flight assistants will provide information regarding weight for your external load, which has to be adhered to. If the external load is too heavy, the transport cannot be carried out due to the high-risk potential.
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