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Sennair Familie
- Team von Sennair Helicopter -
Sennair family
- The Sennair helicopter team -
Sennair famiglia
- Il team di sennair helicopter -
Sennair Family

Pure passion meets professionalism and dependability

Probably the most unique aspect of SENNAIR Helicopter is the team. Or as we like to call it – our ‘SENNAIR Family’. So what makes us unique? An unmistakeable blend of motivation, experience, professionalism, flexibility, cohesion and fun. Fun at work and joy at being able to magic up a smile on the faces of our flight guests. To us flying is not just a job, it is a vocation. We want to share our passion for flying with you. With trusted partners in the background, the highest safety and quality standards for our respective fleet and highly trained pilots and colleagues in quality management, totally secure flight operations are guaranteed. We do everything to make your time on board with us unforgettable. Together we create experiences that last. Memories for eternity. Climb aboard SENNAIR Helicopter and get to know our ‘SENNAIR Family’. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Our (turbine)-drive

A change of perspective on board the SENNAIR fleet

Flying imparts an incomparable feeling of unlimited freedom. It gives us the opportunity to go within ourselves and feel inner calm. And at the same time it enables us to let our gaze be drawn across the majestic summits and valleys. We lift off into a world where the boundaries of the daily grind blur and we perceive the earth from a new perspective. It is a privilege for us to be able to experience all these things. And we want to share this privilege with you. We want to take you with us on an unforgettable aerial tour – a journey filled with adrenaline and euphoria.

Sennair’s everyday heroes
sennair portrait hermann

Hermann Eder

Pilot & CEO
sennair portrait angelika

Angelika Herzog, MEd.

Marketing & Sales Manager
sennair portrait luki

Lukas Schild

Pilot & Operations Manager for Utility flights
sennair portrait max

Markus Percht

Pilot & Technical specialist
sennair portrait tobi

Tobias Tritscher

Pilot & Flight instructor
sennair portrait chris

Christoph Straif

Pilot & Ground Ops Manager
Sennair helicopter milestones

2015: The year it all began

SENNAIR Helicopter: The idea for a company that came about at 2117 metres above sea level. 2015, the year the former cottage host of Ingolstädter Haus, a mountain lodge at 2117 metres above sea level, and current associate of SENNAIR GmbH, Rudolf Senninger, realised his dream of having his own helicopter. Rudolf Senninger purchased his first helicopter. At that time it was still known by the name Ecureuil AS350 B1. As chance would have it, Hermann Eder, also a current associate and Pilot at Sennair GmbH, learned from conversations in the village that the cottage host of Ingolstädter Haus has bought a helicopter. The fact that a lodge host had purchased a helicopter, was not everyday news in the village, and Hermann realised that he definitely had to get to know Rudolf Senninger. Two days after Hermann Eder completed his commercial pilot licence CPL(H), he made his way to the mountain lodge. Once there he chatted to Rudolf Senninger about his recently purchased helicopter. They were on the same wavelength and shared the same enthusiasm for flying and after a few hours together in the cockpit it wasn’t long before a great friendship and business partnership developed.

2016: From idea to individual enterprise

Driven by his enthusiasm for flying and desire for discovery, Hermann Eder wanted to fly every day. He took his family and friends with him on exploratory flights and among them were a few local hoteliers. So it was not long before the idea of offering helicopter flights to hotel guests came about. A short time later, SENNAIR was founded as an individual enterprise in June 2016 and Rudolf’s helicopter was commercially operated with AOC (‘Aircraft Operation Certificate’).

July 2016: Team expansion with Pilot Lukas Schild

Lukas Schild and Hermann Eder got to know one another during their helicopter training together. Lukas Schild, passionate paraglider, farmer and former ski racer, extended the team in its foundation year as a pilot and is still a key member of SENNAIR GmbH.

May 2017: Foundation of SENNAIR GmbH

In May 2017 SENNAIR GmbH was set up with associates Hermann Eder and Rudolf Senninger.

2018: Fleet expansion: AS350, team expansion: CAMO & sales

Purchase of a second AS350 B3 helicopter and extension of the deployment area from Austria, to flights across Europe. Reinforcement of the team by Markus Percht as helicopter pilot and head of technic operialist.

2019: Development of the distinctive SENNAIR design

Michael Zajc, talented designer, graphic designer and photographer is also known for his outstanding designs for the unique Flying Bulls fleet. Since 2019 the helicopters in the SENNAIR fleet have also been adorned with the cleverly thought-out and detailed designs created by Michael Zajc.

2019: Signing of a Heliski contract in Iceland with Viking Heli-skiing for 2 years

2020: The year of the great adventure

Just days after flights operating in Iceland the Corona pandemic hit the flight sector and the entire world with deadly force. Unaware and filled with euphoria for the upcoming Heli-ski season, the dream of flying in Iceland was being relished. A Europe-wide lockdown meant the premature withdrawal of the SENNAIR fleet from Iceland.

2021: Fleet expansion and team expansion with pilots & ground ops

In spite of the bumpy start in 2020, the Heli-ski season was able to be successfully implemented in Iceland in 2021. A short while later the contract for the brand new H125 B3E helicopter, featuring dual hydraulics, from Airbus Helicopter, was signed and the team of pilots and ground-ops expanded.

2022: Commissioning of the VIP helicopter ‘Triple-Victor’ and collection of the brand new H125 B3E helicopter at the Airbus factory in Marignane

2023: Europe-wide VIP flights with SENNAIR GmbH

With three helicopters by Airbus - AS350/ H125 B3E type – the team based around Hermann Eder is successfully handling flights within Europe. With the focus on customers and excellence, SENNAIR Helicopter provide unique and bespoke VIP helicopter flights – including the SENNAIR all-round service.

Heliskiing in Iceland from 2024

In cooperation with Viking Heliskiing SennAir will be offering heli-skiing in Iceland from 2024 up to 2028.
Sennair fleet

VIP Helicopter fleet from Airbus Helicopters

On board the Airbus H125 VIP fleet awaits state-of-the-art technology, combined with the utmost comfort. The cab is equipped with comfortable VIP seats, BOSE headphones for making telephone calls and listening to music, as well as a cabinet with drinks and snacks. Integrated sound-proofing reduces sounds and noise, thereby ensuring a relaxed atmosphere on board. And because we adore design, we leave nothing to chance in our helicopters. Sophisticated, clean co-ordinated colours and materials make our fleet genuinely unique. On your next flight take a look throughout the cab. See for yourself and explore exclusive destinations as well as our unique helicopter fleet.

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Indirect heroes

Strong cooperation partners for ‘first-class’ helicopter services

We are proud to have strong partners by our side. Partners for whom client satisfaction and first class service are as important to them as they are to us. Together we make it possible for you to enjoy helicopter services that also ensure well-being, without having to make any compromises. Our partner businesses are our indirect heroes, because for them, our shared clients are always a top priority. So your well-being is assured away from the cockpit too. Place your trust in us and in our strong partners and experience your ultimate all-round flying experience today.

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