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Excellence meets unique helicopter design and sophisticated avionics

Sennair helicopter fleet

Dive into the breath-taking world of flying with our unique helicopter fleet. Our Airbus Type H125 helicopters are true multi-talents. They combine the latest technology with sophisticated avionics systems. Impressing with an unparalleled design, ensuring you enjoy a superlative helicopter flight experience.

Whether you are looking for a spectacular view, want to take unique aerial shots or effect fast and efficient transport – our Airbus helicopter fleet is just right. The interplay of safety, reliability and performance makes Airbus helicopters reliable means of transport that meet all your requirements.

Place your trust in our many years of experience and in the undisputed performance of our helicopters. Lift off into the expanse of the sky and become immersed in the fascinating world of flying. From sightseeing flights to business travel, freight transport and rescue flights – with our high-performance Airbus helicopters you are guaranteed to find the right solution. Come aboard our helicopter fleet and see for yourself.

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Up to 6 VIP seats




Leather seats


Luggage room


Private BOSE communication system

Airbus Helicopter H125

Enjoy a safe, high-performance flight with SENNAIR Helicopter

Airbus Helicopter H125 is a single-turbine helicopter and is also known under its earlier designation: AS350. It stands out thanks to its noteworthy performance, even at high altitudes. Its manoeuvrability, innovative technology and precision makes it an incomparably safe aircraft for pilot and passengers. With the combination of comfort and versatility, it is the first-rate choice for passenger transportation, utility flights, disaster-relief operations and freight transport. Innovative avionics systems provide control and navigation even in the most difficult weather conditions. If you are looking for reliability and safety, the Airbus helicopter H125 is the right choice. Discover the benefits of the H125 helicopter and come on board the SENNAIR fleet.

Technical details

1 Pilot + 5-6 passengers
10,93 metres
3,34 metres
Max. start weight:
2.370 Kilogramm
Fuel capacity:
540 litres
Safran Arriel 2D
952 PS
Max. travel speed:
approx. 240 km/h
Max. speed:
approx. 287 km/h
Operating range:
approx. 660 Kilometer
Max. flight height:
7.010 Meter

Luxury and comfort on board Airbus helicopters with SENNAIR

VVV, or ‘Triple Victor’ as it is known in technical jargon, is our own personal favourite in our Airbus fleet. It is a masterpiece of design, combining the performance of the H125 with unique design and comfort. Both the helicopter interior and the exterior impress with their sophisticated, cleanly coordinated materials and colours. For instance in the cockpit there are soft leather seats for the utmost comfort, a sound system for your on-board musical entertainment, special tinted windows for a relaxing flight experience and air-conditioning for pleasant temperatures, even on hot summer days. And the exterior packs a punch too: meticulously worked design elements wrap the gentle curves of the Airbus helicopter. Various shades of grey refract, depending on the lighting conditions, into different colours, making the VVVIP helicopter a real work of art. The ‘Triple-Victor’, a helicopter specifically designed to meet the needs of fastidious customers, takes you on a designer journey above the clouds. See for yourself and ask about our ‚Victor‘ when you are making your next inquiry.

VVV sennair helicopter display
Operating range – what destinations are accessible?

Europe-wide helicopter shuttles and flight experiences

With a maximum speed of 155 knots, a full 287 km/hr and an operating range of some 660 km, the H125 is an excellent choice for your journey. You can get, non-stop, to countless destinations in Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and even the Principality of Monaco. And if you are continuing your journey, then our ground crew are happy to help with seamless fulfilment, refuelling and handling at the next airfield or airport. One thing is certain, within Europe we definitely have the right offer for you. And should you still be undecided, just enquire about our own travel tips.

Heli-packing á la Sennair helicopter

Secure luggage transport with the SENNAIR luggage service

Because we know that when we are on holiday, on a business trip or in transit, we feel at our best when we have our own things, we take your travel items securely from A to B. From a weekend flight to a family holiday, or an extensive shopping trip, our Airbus helicopters have space for your personal luggage. And to make packing that bit easier, you will find our luggage guidelines here. Not only do we accommodate you safely, your luggage is too. And should your shopping tour be that bit more extensive, we have the right ground transfer solution for you.

Suitcase size (see picture above):
  • first row in front from left to right: (height x length x width) 55 x 31 x 26 cm // 55 x 31 x 26 cm // 55 x 31 x 26 cm // 45 x 27 x 20 cm
  • second row back from left to right: 55 x 40 x 20/23 cm // 75 x 51 x 31 cm // 81 x 55 x 34 cm // 55 x 40 x 20/23 cm // 55 x 38 x 21 cm
And if you have a little more luggage with you or need transportation for your sports equipment (skis, snowboard, golf, etc.), then we have the right solution for you with our luggage basket. Simply let us know when you book and we will take care of the smooth transportation of your luggage.
sennair ground handling
Technical monitoring (CAMO)

Secure flights with SENNAIR Helicopter

One thing is certain, your safety on board our SENNAIR Helicopter is of the utmost importance. And because we leave nothing to chance here, our team take care of technical monitoring (CAMO = ‘Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation’) to ensure uninterrupted and careful maintenance of our fleet. Technical monitoring ensures proper and regular maintenance of aircraft as per EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines. But what does this mean in terms of details? Before and after every flight our helicopters are checked for operational readiness. At regular maintenance intervals every component in our Airbus AS350 / H125 fleet are put through their paces by qualified technicians and only accepted for active flight readiness upon positive clearance. The flight logbook ensures transparency, neatly documenting key details including flight times, refuelling, technical details, maintenance that has been effected. By adhering to EASA safety standards we can guarantee safe flights – honest and transparent.

Sustainability and flying

CO2-conscious flights with SENNAIR Helicopter

Since sustainable development is a matter that affects all of us, at SENNAIR Helicopter we too want to reduce our environmental footprint. We calculate our CO2 footprint together with carbonconnect AG and try to balance it with specific projects. As a result, we have opted for a reforestation project in Brazil. But why not in Austria? Quite simply because forests are the basis of life for over 1.5 billion people. Rain forests are home to around 50% of all species in the world. Reforestation projects in developing countries also help fight poverty. In addition, trees planted close to the equator not only help tackle the climate crisis, they also tackle drought, desertification and protect against erosion.

We also want to give you the opportunity to be able to enjoy the world from above. After all, a change of perspective can affect so much – it inspires, humbles – and creates scope for new ideas. Ideas about protecting our planet!

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