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Helicopter Shuttle

Pressing business trip? Urgent meeting? A get-away from the daily grind? With SENNAIR aerial taxis you can fly quickly, comfortably and safely to your preferred destination. Congestion free and no waiting around. Come on board of our Airbus VIP fleet and gain time for your projects and quality time for the really important things in life. Our team is happy to advise you.
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Experience Flight

Want to feel as free as a bird, while enjoying the breath-taking views? Combine both during a panoramic sightseeing flight by helicopter. For anyone looking for something special and who wants to experience the unique. Solo, with the family or with friends. To go shopping, wine tasting, skiing or sightseeing. Anything is possible. And the memories are priceless!
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Aerial Flight

When logistics experts despair, construction sites are difficult to get to, routes and locations are cut off, film-makers want breath-taking spots and images – that's when SENNAIR comes into play; or rather, our helicopters. From heavy goods transport, disaster operations, blasting, fire-fighting or inspection flights, to aerial film shots: we take care of it. Precisely, fast and reliably.
By helicopter to pure joy

Sennair - Exclusive helicopter service

Imagine this: you are looking for something exclusive and totally unique. Something you have always dreamed about. An experience for eternity. Take off in a helicopter and land far, far away from the problems and woes of daily life. Realise your dream of flying and climb aboard a SENNAIR Helicopter. Sit back, enjoy the views and that fantastic feeling of ease and freedom.

Whether it is yourself who is flying with us or a transport flight is required. Our team revolve just like our helicopter rotor blades - to meet your needs and requirements. In the air and on the ground - from heli-sightseeing trip to VIP charter, from Alpine sightseeing flight to heli-logging, film shoots from the helicopter to airport transfers, heli-skiing to discreet business trips. From the idea to implementation – you want, we fly. Carefree. Stylish. Efficient.

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Not only in terms of the transport, but also in contact support and booking. Gain quality time for friends, family and your projects.

Safe & discreet

Your details are just as secure as you and your cargo. Safety and discretion are our uppermost priority.


Personal supervision and satisfaction are important to us. Our bespoke customer service is available to you by mail, WhatsApp and over the phone.


Our fleet, equipment, route and team, as well as our offers. Which is why we are always on the look-out for innovative ideas for our clients.


With SENNAIR Helicopter you enjoy access to exclusive destinations, landing sites and flight experiences. Carefully selected by our team and specifically prepared for you.
Experience unforgettable moments with sennair

Fly with SENNAIR Helicopter

You will certainly have dreamed of flying at one time or another? Of being free? Of changing perspective and looking down on the world from above? At SENNAIR we whisk you off into the lofty heights and enable these dreams to come true.

Fly with us: above the Alps, right across Europe, on business trips, to the next airport, to enjoy a picnic. Or use the heli to transport external loads, aerial lifting, or for heavy goods transport.

Apropos heavy goods: As well as freight transport we are also happy to help with the organisation, planning and implementation of your project.

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The SENNAIR-philosophy

We adore flights of fancy.

Observing the endless variety of our planet from a bird's eye perspective is a special privilege for us. Yet in spite of that we do not regard it as a matter of course, but as a very special honour to be able to provide you with these magical moments in life with our helicopters.

And bespoke supervision is something very dear to our hearts here at SENNAIR. So we are always here for you – from that initial enquiry to planning and implementation. After all, ensuring your flight goes smoothly is what drives us. And your satisfaction is our motivational top-up. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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Give the gift of happy moments

Give the gift of a helicopter flight with SENNAIR Helicopter

Are you looking for a very special gift idea? We have just the right thing for you - goosebump moments and sparkling eyes included. Even without diamonds. And at least as much endorphin release as a tonne of chocolate. Happily browse our selection of gift vouchers – totally calorie-free, yet full of ideas. And even if there is nothing suitable, we will find something suitable. That's a promise.
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Sustainability – looking to the future

Climate-neutral flights with SENNAIR

Our world is unique. Breath-taking. Even, or especially, from a bird's eye perspective. The views from above also help us to see the bigger picture and show us how great the traces are that we as people leave behind on earth.

At SENNAIR we also offer sightseeing flights, taxi flights and filming flights, as well as flights supplying mountain lodges with provisions, animal rescues, assembly flights and transportation flights. The latter especially are unavoidable and provide support for local businesses and farmers to carry out their work.

All the same, helicopter flights are regarded as favourable. Even though it has been scientifically proven that the proportion of CO2 emissions of air travel amounts to a global C02 emission of around 'just' 3.01 percent, we see it as our duty to play our part in protecting the environment.

With that in mind we would also like to reduce our CO2 footprint. We calculate our CO2 emissions with Carbon-Connect AG and offset them by way of a targeted climate protection project – protecting ancient rain forests in Brazil. In real terms this means that together with Carbon-Connect AG, trees are planted and the rainforest nurtured.


Frequently asked questions

Next to our base - Zell am See airfield – there are additional starting and landing areas available with a helicopter facilities fee. We are happy to put together a bespoke offer for you.

The following payment methods are available for your dream flight: credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal), instant bank transfer, advance payment (invoice, SEPA transfer), cash payment (only available for take-offs from the base at Zell am See airfield)

With us you fly in a H125 B3 / B3e helicopter made by Airbus Helicopter. Our VIP configuration ensures the maximum comfort during your flight.

Flights only take place in weather conditions that are suitable. Our team is available to provide precise information about the weather forecast for your flight slot.

The Airbus Helicopter H125 has space for 1 pilot and up to 5-6 passengers. Please get in touch beforehand if you have a booking for 6 passengers. Upon submission of the requisite passenger details (weight, age, height) we can provide precise information regarding the implementation of a flight with 6 passengers.

Children are very welcome on board of the SENNAIR fleet. Children up to the age of 2 can sit on one of their parent’s laps. Children aged 2 and over require their own seat. If you are flying with a newborn, we would ask you to contact your doctor for medical advice.


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